KWO Objectives

Rural and Urban Development in India


  • To promote unity and equality, thus, people will participate in the decision-making activities creating a society with equal opportunity     for all

  • To involve in women development agenda for the prevention of gender discrimination

  • To engage in Information Education Campaign on social abuses like rights and entitlements of people with disabilities, domestic     violence, gambling, use of prohibited drug, health and sanitation, and other social issues

  • To assist in the early detection, treatment and rehabilitation of handicapped children and people with disabilities

  • To refer, motivate, and support the education of children and children with disability

  • To engage in Total Family Approach in providing intervention

  • To organize beneficiary camps for consultation, provision of aid and appliances, cultural shows, sports fests, and other     developmental activities.

  • To strengthen the Volunteer Facility Center in order to provide updated information and ready services

  • To train and retrain staff and volunteers to properly reach-out to the community, thus, better service delivery

  • To keep records and documents available at all times

  • To engage in livelihood for economic sustainability.

  • To nurture the environment through taking part in greenery, home sanitation and cleanliness, use of organic fertilizers, and other     related activities

  • To coordinate and implement youth development projects.